Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stabilize my tent?

To stabilize your Turtle Tent, make sure your sand hoodies are filled with sand, to capacity. Pull the sand hoodies out in opposite directions so they can stretch the tent fabric. The tighter stretch the more wind it can resist. The Collapsible Post should be slightly tilted, not directly at a 90-degree angle. Flexibility is key here. The tent can be set up at a variety of ways depending on the particular adjustment you seek.

How durable is the solar panel?

No, Not at all.
Solar Panels have no moving parts. It produces energy from the heat it captures. It can be stepped on, tossed around, thrown into a boat or thrown into the trunk of your car and it will keep working just fine.

What Can the Solar Panel charge and how fast?

All depends on how sunny is the day out, but it can charge any cell phone and most portable bluetooth speakers.

What we can tell you is your phone wont die if connected. With our solar panel under good sun, an iPhone takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to charge to 100%. Thats just about how fast it charges in your home.

As for the portable bluetooth speakers, there are so many out there its hard to give a general answer. what we can tell you is the sun is unlimited and the solar panel wont stop working.

How do I set up the Poles included with my beach sunshade?

One of Turtle Tent’s most unique features is the ability to reposition the post to do any of the following:

  1. Create more shade
  2. Improve positioning
  3. Resist wind through aerodynamic characteristics
  4. Adjust view of the beach or ocean

How many people can I fit under a Turtle Tent?

The Turtle Tent light weight beach sunshade gives about 40 sqft of sunshade. We like to say our sunshade comfortably provides shade for a group of four people, in our opinion thats a party!

Does it give better sunshade then a beach umbrella?

Yes, is the short answer. The sunshade given by our beach tent is substantially greater than any standard beach umbrella. Umbrellas are only good for a small window of the day ( around 11am-1pm) before or after those hours the sun is too low and umbrellas sit too high off the sand. Our beach sunshade gives you full shade the whole day, might move a bit to one side but thats okay, just adjust to one side or move the poles.

As the sun repositions, do I have to reset the Turtle Tent Sunshade?

No. Our post system allows for flexibility that does not require resetting your beach tent. Simply move the posts around to adjust the position of the shade and stretch the anchor bags to give the right tension to the tent again.

Can the Turtle Tent sustain high wind?

The engineering behind Turtle Tent’s design was multi-purposed. While Turtle Tent is not intended to provide shelter during winds exceeding reasonable beach conditions, storms or hurricanes, Turtle Tent benefits from light winds, as the uplift expands the sunshade, creating larger shade area.

Will it fly away in windy conditions like umbrellas?


This product was purposely designed to get rid of flying umbrellas and offer a true shade all day long. It is a obviously a portable product, which can fall under extreme winds but wont fly away. made out of premium fabric all you need to do is either fill corner bags with more sand (even bury them under heavy winds) and extend them more outwards to create better tension. If poles fall just simply stand them up again.

Is the Turtle Tent water resistant?

Turtle Tent’s fabric is designed to repel UV rays, and to repel water as well. It does not absorb water, avoiding the weight that water can typically add to fabric.

Does the Turtle Tent protect me from Sunburn?

The Turtle Tent is not a replacement for Sunblock or alternative means of skin protection. However, Turtle Tent’s fabric is designed to repel the sun’s UV rays, providing protection from the UV rays while under the Turtle Tent with a UPF 50+.

How can I wash my Turtle Tent?

A rinse is suggested after beach use to remove sand and salt residue from all parts of the tent.

Your suggested wash for your Turtle Tent is hand wash. However, the fabric can be washed in a washer, in cold temperature. Hang to dry, or use “air only” setting on a dryer. Turtle Tents should not be bleached or ironed.

Is there a Return Policy?

We accept returns on any unopened Turtle Tents with a 20% restocking fee. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your purchase or product, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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