Let’s all do our part to help keep a 100 Million old specie around, so our oceans stay healthy, our beaches prosperous, and our seafood plentiful!

As of 2016, almost all of the various species of Sea Turtles contain a Conservation Status of Endangered according to the World Wildlife Fund. Human activity is one of the greater threats to the possible extinction of this marine animal so critical to the ocean. From over-exploitation, slaughter and poaching for meat, eggs and shells, to fishing gear accidents, our own activities have created the biggest threats to Sea Turtles.

We at Turtle Tent didn’t know about this either. Lack of knowledge or awareness about these majestic creatures is a big part of the problem. In part, our mission at Turtle Tent is to raise funds to assist Sea Turtle Conservancies and Non-Profits with the many projects aimed at protecting Sea Turtles — including restoring natural habitats, protection of nesting areas, promoting sustainable seafood and Sea Turtle Ecotourism.


By purchasing a Turtle Tent you are saving 2 baby turtles, for each Turtle Tent sold we donate enough to save two sea turtle eggs. It is our way of giving back to the beautiful beaches and ocean we all get to enjoy!  You can always donate in our store towards these projects without needing to purchase anything. We are currently part of the billion baby turtles project which has already saved 500,000 turtles.

Did you know that sea turtles are:

Dune Fertilizers

Sea Turtles approach the beach to lay eggs. Beach sand is not conducive to vegetation, but the nutrients from the eggs Sea Turtles lay help vegetation on sand dunes. This vegetation helps protect our cities from salt spray that would otherwise rust and erode our cities.

Lawnmowers of the Sea

Sea Turtles cut the grass in the ocean, creating sea grass beds. These sea grass beds function as natural habitats and breeding grounds for many smaller species that affect the oceanic food chain and environment.

Park Ranger of the Ocean

Sea Turtles play an important role in the oceanic ecosystems. The little things they do carry great weight in the overall wellbeing of the ocean. Any shift in the ecosystem puts not just Sea Turtles but many other species that have other attributions at risk.

Billion Baby Turtle Project

We are proud to call ourselves a partner of and there billion baby turtles project. As a whole this project has saved 500,000 baby turtles and we plan to be a huge part of this years and the coming years contributions with your help!

How Billion Baby Turtles Works

Billion Baby Turtles supports sea turtle conservation organizations that work to protect sea turtle hatchlings across Latin America. These funds are used to protect the most important and endangered beaches. This is all done by paying local residents to patrol the beaches and making sure the eggs are protected.

How Does Billion Baby Turtles Work?

We raise funds from our sales of Turtle Tents and our accessories to do our part in the project. The funds are used for the set up of the whole operation; from the hiring process of responsible local residents to patrol, to materials and tools needed to protect the nests, to the salary needed to pay for the patrol of the beaches.

Through the time since this project was launched, the cost to protect a hatching was more than $1 in some beaches, and in some places less. This made the average cost at $1 but as time goes by and we master the project implementation the cost seems to be going under $1 and staying there, making our goal of a billion baby turtles closer!

Where Do The Donations Go?

This funding goes to community-based turtle organizations at key nesting beaches. In addition, the funds are used to build and maintain hatcheries where the eggs are protected until they hatch and are released to the ocean. Check out all our non-profit partners here. 

The project is currently focusing on developing newer hatching beaches (less then 5 years old) as now the older beaches are more stable and in less harm from poachers.

Will You Really Save A Billion Hatchlings?

A billion is a very big number. We it be done? Will it be reached? No one can say for sure, but what we can say is we will keep selling tents and doing our part, because Turtle Tent isn’t going anywhere. The project has already grown substantially and we are at 500,000 baby turtles!


seven sea turtles in the world
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