Turtle Tent is an eco-friendly light beach sun shade, equipped with prominent solar power technology designed to keep you in touch with the fast paced environment of every day social media, business and technology oriented activities through your mobile devices.

the start of turtle tent

Turtle Tent started in the Summer of 2013 when Christopher Zagales unknowingly went onto a beach in Florida where the sea turtles were nesting. Not knowing the problems he could face, Chris called his distant cousin, also an attorney, Alex Zagales, to discuss what Chris could do to get out of legal trouble that could arrise. Unknowingly to them both, this is how Turtle Tent was born…

Fortunately for Chris, his actions were involuntary and made his legal battle short, and uneventful. Nonetheless, this explicit restriction on the beaches developed a curiosity formerly absent in these cousins. Through considerable research, Chris and Alex discovered that sea turtles face a very real possibility of extinction in the near future.

why we cared

Chris, a beach nut, and Alex, a sea food enthusiast, learned the importance that sea turtles play in the beach and marine ecosystems, and how the absence of these creatures could affect these recreational activities they hold so dear.

Combining Alex’s background in law and business, and Chris’ experience in eco-friendly solar technology, Chris and Alex created Turtle Tent.

how we help

How does this affect sea-turtles, you ask? Well, for every sun shade sold, Chris and Alex donate 10% of the sales profits to a non-profit sea turtle conservancy, a well established and proven non-profit that assists with the conservancy and preservation of Sea Turtles.

We as a society need to care for the natural creatures that help maintain an ecosystem that we get to freely live in and enjoy!



At the end of the day, this is as much about providing customers with a worthwhile product as it is about giving back to the creatures that play such an important part in the beach and marine ecosystems. Turtle Tent donates 10% of it’s profits to assist with Sea Turtle Conservancy, and participates in other sponsorship opportunities with relation to the same cause.


Turtle Tent employs the natural resource of the sun to provide technological utility through harvested power that maintains electronic devices up and running. Turtle Tent makes use of the natural surroundings as the foundation to a stabilized set up.


Turtle Tent’s overall design revolutionizes the Sun Shade market with adaptability, material, and utility. Gone are the days of rusty or broken beach umbrellas. Turtle Tent’s is designed to exceed customary durability expectations by preventing ripping and premature wear and tear.

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